Zenia Irani
Profession: Blogger/ Audiologist
Country: India, Mumbai

Travelling The World...One Plate At A Time





I strongly believe food has the ability to make you travel to distant lands without budging an inch from your seat. Only food has the power to take you on a culinary vacation of sorts the minute you bite into a dish. You could be seated in Mumbai eating a Kerala sadhya and instantly be transported to the backwaters of Kumarakom, the sound of Kathakali dancers in the background. Similarly you could be biting into a gorgeous wood fired pizza imagining yourself to be walking down the cobbled bylanes of Italy.
There's no better way to understand a city or a region than by the food they cook there. I traveled to Nashik to understand the wine culture and took a trip to Rajasthan to realize how they have managed to make the best of limited resources inspite of being a desert state. Singapore made me realize the how multicultural the food of a single country can be, and Sri Lanka opened my eyes to dishes that I've never tasted in India inspite of being neighbors geographically.
It is my dream to travel more, and explore cultures and traditions via the local food.. It is my dream to come back home and educate people here about the food that is available beyond the boundaries of our city or state. It is my dream to bring regional Indian cuisine to the forefront, and make sure it does not lose it's sheen in front of the world cuisines that dominate Mumbai's dining out scene currently. It is my dream to help preserve traditional cooking methods or recipes that may get extinct in the years to come. It is my dream to travel for food....to experience it, to explore it, and to understand it. It is my dream to travel the world, one plate at a time!

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