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I love the sea! Living in Bombay has only made me more possesive of it. Beaches are a natural holiday destination for me. I love to catch sunsets just as they turn the waters into molten gold. The expanse of the ocean waters remind me of life beyond what I can see. It also reminds me of all that I can't fathom. Somehow when I look at the sea, I believe in divinity., a greater power that exists. I love the fact that world is open at one end to explore where sky is the limit. The sea calms my thoughts and at the same time ruffles my desires. I love the sea..........always have, always will. Because maybe I am a mermaid after all. Maybe I really belong to the sea. Perhaps I have an island to myself. Maybe I am the queen of the waves? Wouldn't it be awesome to live another lifetime?

Travel takes you into a time portal, a parallel world. One that you perhaps knew existed, but had never experienced. And with every little holiday that window opens to newer ideas. Sea, sand and surf are my ideal go to places. It is like being at two places at once. The aqua and the terra firma, and even as you know that eventually you have to turn your back to the sea, it never ceases to draw you in. I guess I am a mermaid!!!

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