Divyakshi Gupta
Profession: Travel blogger
Country: Indian, Mumbai

The Jungle Book




Wildlife & Nature

Birds chirping in the silent forests, sounds of crickets as I walk over dried leaves. A brook gurgles nearby as my heart is in my mouth, what is at the next bend? Is it a flock of birds? Or a herd of elephants? Canopies of trees welcome me as I wander I the woods. A silent spectator of the wonders of nature. My dream trip will be falling in love with the nature all over again and again. Listening to the songs of the jungle, away from urban chaos and traffic snarls. Traffic , yes. Traffic of herds of deer. That's the kind of traffic I want to be a part of. My dream trip : where mornings would be misty, enveloped in mountain breeze, waking up in a cozy tree house , walking barefoot on the dewy grass. Visiting the farms and orchards outside the jungles and choosing fresh produce for consumption. Afternoons will be lazy, reading a book under a tree, while the winds whistle softly. Evenings will be walking in the jungles, spitting feathered friends hiding in the foliage, chasing beautiful butterflies as they flit over a plethora of wild flowers. This will not only be an exploration of the woods but also of myself. A meditation of sorts. Where I can hear my own breathing and Nights will be under the starry skies

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