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Dreams – Purpose Of Life





Today when I sit to write upon a beautiful topic Dream, I feel words are too less to express about it. The very existence of an individual’s life is on the basis of his/ her dreams. I really can’t imagine a life, when I get up in the morning without a dream in my eyes. Indeed dreams give lot of meaning to one’s life. Lot of people have expressed wonderful inspirational thoughts on dreams.

Personally I am inspired with three thoughts:

The very word dream is synonymous with the ever famous speech of Martin Luther King i.e. I have a dream…. I get goosebumps, whenever I hear his recorded speech. What a conviction he had.

I am also inspired with our own corporate guru Late Dhirubhai Ambani who pronounced to the whole world – Mera Sapna Sabka Sapna (My dream is everybody’s dream). Many times, we don’t own our own dreams, but here was a man, who dared to own the world’s dreams.

Third, I am inspired with a poetry of Punjabi revolutionary poet, whose poem ‘Sab Ton Khatarnak’ is deeply engraved in my heart and mind. Let me try to convey the meaning of those 6 lines from this poem which has inspired me:

सब से खतरनाक होती है

न कोई तड़प,

सब कुछ सहन कर जाना

घर से निकलना काम

काम से घर आना

सब से खतरनाक होती है

सारे सपनो का मर जाना !

Yes, I strongly believe, I will be dead the day I stop dreaming, and I lose the drive to live this great life.

In the early years of my life, I never realized the importance of dreams. I just went with the flow. Things kept happening in life and I accepted good / bad things equally. Never dared to take control of things in life and never took charge of what I wanted to do, how I wanted to do and why I wanted to do. But over the years, many ups and downs of life, many turbulence and high moments of life taught me so much that I actually started believing that life can be made beautiful with having dreams, designing the choices and owning the same.

Let me pause here to express two more thoughts on dreams : Dreams are not those which I see when you sleep but dreams are those, which don’t allow me to sleep. And another philosophy which has inspired me is ‘Today’s dreams are answers to tomorrow’s questions”.

And there started my journey of my dreams, traversing various untreaded, unknown, uncertain paths to fulfill my dreams. My personal experience so far has taught me that Passion, the Sense of Urgency, the Necessity or even a Crisis in life becomes the starting point of a beautiful dream. If I quote an example from my own life, I was confined at home with my broken leg, that is when I dreamt and started my entrepreneurial journey of being a Life Coach with the inception of Insignia Solutions Private Limited. Another point of my life about which I never get tired of mentioning is the date 1st January, 2014 when the whole world was celebrating New Year, I was confined to my bed due to high fever, but chose to welcome new year with my blogging journey of writing film reviews.

Both journeys of a Life Coach and a Film Blogger are actually turning points of my life, which emerged during crisis time. It reiterates my faith that if we dare to dream, if we are ready to own our dreams, not ready to be deterred by crisis, if we are having passion, the whole universe would conspire to fulfill our dreams (being a film review blogger, how can I stay away from such dialogues).

Today, I dream of working closely with the Corporate as well as Entertainment World. My dream is to be a Change Catalyst through by both roles. I am sure I can gather experience from our own country India, which is so much rich in its art, culture, and heritage. Though I have travelled to various parts of India, I want to now travel with a specific dream / objective / purpose, go for an exploratory journey which would help me understand the rich culture of ours and share the stories with the world, be it through training or films.

Being a movie buff, I watch almost all films. Many times, I get astonished to see certain films which talk about various stories of our culture, which I have never heard off. I want to make films which would touch people’s hearts and facilitate a collaborated journey of transformation. Being a dreamer, I keep dreaming about making great films, with wonderful social message, focusing on our lineage which would make us proud.

I would love to travel to the most interior part of our country and explore the untold stories. Basically, now I dream to club travel with exploration of Art, Music, Culture and share the stories with the world.

I dread of waking up with no dreams in my eyes since that is going to be my end. I want to live my life, would never want to stop dreaming and feeling passionate about the same. Dreams keep me alive ! How about you all ?

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