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#DreamTaril: Why I Chose To Blog About Food





Dreams are the fuel that pushes our wheels of life. Being a middle class, small town girl, I am also full of them and wish that someday my dreams would come true too. I do not expect a fairy godmother to come and whish the magic but I want to work for my dreams. I want to work hard for my dreams so that one day I would be able to say that I indeed lived my dream.

One such dream that involves a basic need of life has sprouted few years ago after my marriage. I was never an enthusiast cook but I did enjoy my occasional bouts in the kitchen before marriage. When I was left with cooking meals three times a day, I ran out of ideas. I cooked the basic things but soon I myself grew tired of it. I racked recipe books but they were so sophisticated that I fear to cook them. Naturally, after the stint, I turned to mighty Google. That’s when I stepped in the worlds of food blogs. I picked up a recipe there, a trick there and soon my love for cooking was born. And now I love to cook for my family and try new recipes all along.

But as much as I enjoyed reading food blogs, it pained me to find that there were no dedicated food blog for Assamese cuisine and those which were available were poorly updated and infrequent. I dreamt that one day the internet would be flooded with good and regularly updated Assamese food blogs and people will learn about our simple yet healthy cuisine. I dreamt that someday the world would know about our food habit which is characterized by less use of oil and spices, lots of usage of green herbs and veggies and simple recipes. But as much as I wanted it, there was no sign of people coming up with write ups on Assamese cuisine. Though few people managed to create buzz around Assamese cuisine, it was occasional and not sufficient. One day when I was discussing it with the hubby, he suggested that why don’t I start documenting our recipes? My kitchen is a combination of upper and lower Assam food and I already have a blog.

I was afraid and two years passed before I wrote my first food blogpost. As I managed to write about the food, the reaction that I got was shocking. People actually liked our food! People come to read about Assamese recipes and I was getting feedbacks and demands to write more about it. This pushed me to explore my mother and mother in law’s kitchens to know their cooking style, tips and the recipes that were long lost. I learnt, I cook, I failed but I didn’t falter. I am still working on my dream to popularize Assamese cuisine through blog, facebook, instagram, food forums and other social media. The launch of my video food blog/food vlog is the proof that I am still chasing my dream and I will do everything to popularize my cuisine in the world. One day, my dream will come true but my passion for food blogging will never stop.

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