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Wildlife & Nature

Nature is getting vanished slowly and naturally. Green cover on earth is getting destroyed every single day. Thus we are seeing drastic changes in climate. We are facing global warming. Nature is being destroyed naturally these days. Today people have become so mean because of materialism that they don't care about anything but their needs. And needs are endless in this world. We have destroyed forests to create a jungle of concrete. Every other day in my area I see a board of new builder starting a new project by cutting the trees. Due to that ozone layer is getting thinner and thinner and proportion of carbon di oxide is increasing.

We are killing the animals for their skins, meat etc. We are injecting them to grow faster. It is affecting the life cycle of lot of other animals. For example, we don't hear the chirps of sparrows anymore. We don't find them anymore. I remember, I used to get up hearing chirps of sparrows during my school days. Factories are polluting air, contributing to the maximum level in increasing carbon di oxide. Today people dance madly on roads in loud music. They think they are enjoying but they are only contributing to noise pollution. We have stopped getting proper rain of water since last couple of years because whole year we produce the rain of sand and concrete.

I love being in nature. It sounds like being in love and according to me it is the same thing only. Being in love is your world is surrounded by the person or people who love you the most. In that world, there is nothing but the happiness. Similarly being in nature is like your world is surrounded by the greenery and fresh air. In that world too, there is nothing but the happiness. We appreciate man made marvels but we have stopped appreciating nature's marvels. Actually we are destroying nature's marvels. In monsoon, I often witness peacock calling for rain and in few minutes of that, rain starts. How incredible and amazing this connection is between nature and peacocks.

There would be more such connections between the living creatures and mother nature. I want to discover those connections. I always dream of spending my life in nature. I want to be in God's own country (Kerala). I want to go to the heaven on the earth (Kashmir). I want to drive on the roads of Ladakh. I want to see dancing clouds in Leh but I crave for these things in metro cities. As nature is being destroyed in metro cities, I am afraid that soon it will be destroyed from all over the world. People are not realising that by destroying nature, they are destroying their own existence slowly. And without nature, materialism will have no value. I hope people start realising that and start preserving the nature. So that we can start living in nature again.

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