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Everyone has their own passion. I am no different. What makes me different from others is the passion I have on various things. Yes. You read it right. I am passionate about a few which includes Autographs, Books, Pens, Watches, Scale Model Cars, Posters, Stamps, Coins and Notes, Gardening, Nature Watch etc., to name a few.

Are Dreams and Passion different? I would say that there is a thin line which separates these two. Dreams are illusion but Passion helps you realise that illusion. Hence it is really important that if you dream about something, you need to have a Passion to achieve that.

As you have seen earlier that I have Passion on so many things, the majority of them are materialistic. However there are few in that list which aren’t and these give greater satisfaction when compared to anything else. I should say these will last forever on my memories as they are intangible which can only be felt after experiencing it.

Travel is something that is interrelated with my Passion of Nature Watch because the World is a huge place. Even though you my say that the technology has shrunk it, which is true to some extent, the same technology cannot give you all you wanted.You may have a visual treat through your VR device but we all know that it is not real. A real experience is always surreal. It gives you pleasure which cannot be explained to the fullest extent in words.

When it comes to me, I always dreamt of being on the backwaters of Kerala. Though I have traveled to many parts of the country including Kerala for 18 times, I hardly got a chance to even go near the place. I use to browse them on the internet and the sheer beauty of the nature makes me go dumbstruck. When this is the case, I cannot even imagine myself of being there on one of properties that lies right on the backwaters.

The aroma of nature that surrounds this scenic beauty and the romantic sound of the waves that raises gently and hits the boat or the property and the mesmerising scene of the Sunset and the Sunrise – woah… Trying to explain these stuffs itself makes me get goosebumps and how will it be, when I am there in real and experience these. Not to forget to add that I would also be enjoying the evening overlooking at the back waters sipping a hot cup of tea with crispy bajjis and later to wrap it up with a special fish delicacy as dinner. I would start my day with a quick bath and a hot cup of Tea with a quick glance on newspaper. Then I would finish off my breakfast and take a tour by going around the places with my binoculars so that I can watch the nature’s beauty and its creation in close quarters.Will return back for Lunch and after a quick nap, I would again venture out to cover the rest that I had missed in the morning and be back in the evening to catch up with the Sunset and after having my dinner, hit the bed:-)

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