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Kaas Plateau – A Riot Of Colors





The list of places I want to visit and things I want to experience is growing longer day by day. So much so that I can’t stop questioning if a lifetime will ever be enough? Such thoughts disturb me and then I make a mental note of packing as much experience and travel as possible before I leave the earth for a better world. One such experience that got recently added to my huge list is the Kaas Plateau, Maharashtra’s very own Valley of Flowers.

Kaas Plateau gets it’s name from the tree of the same name that is found in abundance at this UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the monsoon, the grasslands turn colorful with wild flowers blooming all around in plenty. I have already had the pleasure of seeing the grandeur of Himalayan Valley of Flowers, and that is how this one in Western Ghats made way to my bucket list. Kaas Plateau being at a height of 1200 meters seems easily approachable as compared to the Himalayan version, so a weekend trip is what I am already in the process of planning.

Kaas Plateau is around 50km from the hill town of Mahabaleshwar which could be a nice stopover during the road trip from Pune. I’ve spent a considerable time in Pune to fall in love with Western Ghats during the monsoon. Now I crave for those green hillocks every year with the first drops of rain. Every year, I long to go back for a week or two and enjoy the pristine views than rain brings along with it. I wish to experience the lush green valleys, the clouds descending on earth, the fragrance of raindrops mixing with mud and making love once more. Delhi rains are beautiful too, but can’t match the adventure of driving through curvy mountain roads, just washed with rain overlooking a lush green landscape.

Even my camera is looking forward to the trip to Kaas Plateau, for it will get to capture beauty that is rare to find. Wild blooms will make a very pretty canvas and I can’t wait to get lost in the fragrances of these flowers which are both wild yet exotic at the same time. With more than 850 types of flowering plants on this plateau blossoming during monsoon, it sure would be a riot of colors out there. Imagine a valley where you see different colors in each direction, as far as the horizon. Ever since I’ve seen the pictures, I just cannot stop dreaming about it.

I wish to bring back a piece of this valley with me, through the pictures I click and the things I feel when I am there. Nature is the best teacher that can ever be, and I am expecting I will be learning a lesson or two on this trip. Beauty binds me to my camera and I hope to capture the essence of the place that Kaas Plateau is. For now, I just cannot stop staring at these amazing pictures a fellow blogger shared with me.

Though monsoon is not the season for strawberries but a trip to Kaas Plateau will be incomplete if we skip Mahabaleshwar. We’ll plan our stay here instead, and drive to the plateau. That road trip is a beauty, I’ve been told. Western Ghats are anyway a little too poetic during monsoons. Gulzar’s poetry playing in the background and Western Ghats in the foreground will complement each other a little too well and combining the two will make perfect sense.

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