Dreams do come true.

Only, this time you don’t follow them. Let them chase you.


Is ‘Chef’ one of your favourite movies? Does your mouth water with the word ‘food’ itself? But unfortunately, have you run out of ingredients to cook your way to success? Then it’s time to change the recipe! Tell us what you crave for, and we will make your dream come true. And the cherry on top is that - it’s all free of cost!


Are you stuck between a briefcase and a suitcase? Is going to work the only traveling you do? Do you dread the alarm because it breaks your dreams? Don’t worry. Get rid of the snooze button because it’s time your dreams turn into reality. If traveling is your first love, then we might have something for you.

Art and Culture

Do you know your Raja Ravi Varma from your Warli paintings? Can you tell the difference between Mughal domes and Indo-Saracenic towers? Can’t wait to visit each corner of India to discover the rich heritage? If you think you can pen down our cultural treasures really well, then pack your bags! Get ready for a tour you’ve always waited for. And that too – free of cost!

Wildlife & Nature

Do you always want a little more of Animal Planet and Discovery? If you could go back in time, would you do anything to book an appointment for an interview with the dinosaurs? If you have solid survival skills backed up with the passion to write, then we will make your dream come true. All you’ve got to do is look through a new lens and focus on your passion. Just watch your dreams come running towards you.

While we make our winners’ dreams come alive,
start planning your very own dream trail for Season 2!

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